Inter-District Special Needs Committee Page

-The Inter-District Special Needs Committee meet on
the 2nd Tuesday of odd months at 7:00pm, at the Intergroup office.

-Learn about the Special Needs Committee:

  • Click here for the "Area 62 Special Needs Commitee" page.
  • Click here for the Workbook "Special Needs/Accessibilities Workbook".

  • Click here for the A.A. Guidelines on "Carrying the A.A. Message to the Deaf Alcoholic".
  • Click here for the A.A. Guidelines on "Serving Alcoholics With Special Needs".

  • Click here for the pamphlet "AA For The Alcoholic With Special Needs".

-Other Important Special Needs Links:

-Loners 411

-Special Needs Accessibility Questionaire

-Special Needs Service Work, Spring 2015

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